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usffA word from our team leader...

"U.S. Financial Funding has been helping people from all walks of life recover lost or abandoned funds that could result from forgotten bank accounts, safety deposit boxes, uncashed checks, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, IRS returns and much more. We are here to help recover money for the person who, usually is unaware that these funds exist, especially in a time of need to move forward with their lives where extra money can mean a difference especially in this economy."

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Robert Green, Esq. - Goshen, NY

To Whom It May Concern:

I am an attorney practicing law for over 30 years in New York and various federal courts.

A year ago a relative of mine was in financial distress, being unemployed, having lost her home in North Carolina in a mortgage foreclosure and having moved in with another relative in the State of Florida.

Out of the blue Jeffrey Richman of U.S. Financial Funding, LLC, contacted her.

I reviewed U.S. Financial Funding's agreements, did some online research about USFF and its principal Jeffrey Richman and obtained a reference from USFF's legal counsel. I then advised my relative to execute and return the agreements necessary for USFF to seek the funds.

A few months later USFF was successful in sending to my relative approximately $10,000. which she never would have known about and which was a life saver for her.

I found USFF's team to be honest and trustworthy and would recommend them without question. Feel free to contact me, Robert Green, Esq.


Geri W. - Deerfield Beach, Florida

My name is Geri.

Wow, where do I begin? I've always been a skeptic. I was taught "If it's too good to be true, it is." Especially when you receive an email.

Sometimes you have to trust your gut and speak to people who love and support you. My testimonial is a dream come true!

Sometime back in July or August of this year (2009), I received a message on my Facebook page from a man named Jeff at (U.S. Financial Funding) saying he's been trying to contact me about surplus money that is rightfully mine and it was important to contact him.

I immediately contacted and forwarded the email to my brother-in-law (Bob) and sister (Gail). Still skeptical, Bob assured me he would thoroughly check out the company. I put my trust in my family.

Bob researched (USFF) completely. He is a prominent real estate attorney and a good man. Bob found no negative reports, stories or gossip etc on (USFF).

I can't believe this! It's like a dream!

Jeff, Bob & I corresponded back and forth mostly through email. By August, my papers were notarized.

Then, what I thought was an obstacle, wasn't. Jeff once again assured me not to worry, let him worry instead! During all this, Jeff was involved in a horrific car accident. He still kept working. I have not met him yet, but his attitude, spirit and soul is unstoppable. He is still in recovery and I pray for him.

Jeff and (USFF) believe in helping people like myself who are struggling and to get what's rightfully theirs. If you ever are contacted by Jeff or anyone with (USFF), take a chance and work with them.

I have my check to prove it!


Greg G. - Keystone Heights, Florida

usffMy experience with (U.S. Financial Funding) is nothing but a tremendous success story. Jeff and his team are professional folks who do what they say they will.

I had been approached by another organization regarding surplus funds that might be available to me. When it was seen there were some obstacles in the way which I had to point out, I never heard from them again.

I explained the same obstacles to Jeff when he called. He had already done his due diligence, knew the information regarding my case which was complicated and was still 100% confident that he could succeed in obtaining the funds.

There is absolutely no pressure to work with Jeff. Be very certain the statement is true which (U.S. Financial Funding) has on their website, "WHEN WE CALL YOU'VE GOT CASH".

What an incredible group of people.

Thanks Jeff!



Victoria D - Newark, Delawareusff

My name is Victoria and at first I thought this was a scam, but trust me it is real. This is the proof right here, it is real, they are marvelous!


Mary M. - Scottsdale, Arizona

To Whom It May Concern:

U.S. Financial Funding ("USFF") notified us that we were entitled to (surplus funds). Initially, I was under the impression that it was too late for us to recover the money and, therefore, a little hesitant to pursue this. However, USFF assured me this was not the case. My husband and I decided to follow this through.

USFF prepared all the paperwork, even provided a notary public at no cost to us and filed the necessary papers with the Court. At no time did we have to pay anything. We were told they would be in contact with us through the process. Our contact with USFF was extremely helpful and understanding of our situation. Even doubters like ourselves were very impressed and at ease with the contact. As promised, we were kept informed every step of the way and when the time came, were given options on when to get our money.

I would like to say that we did get the money and other debts were taken care of by USFF. I would definitely recommend this company. They are people who really keep their word and are excellent to work with. My family and I are grateful to our contact person.


Mary M.


Jack & Joan D. - Harrisburg, North Carolina

To Whom It May Concern:

U.S. Financial Funding helped us get back some money that was owed to us and I would recommend them to anybody that wanted to use them.

I was not even aware there was any money let over and they recovered some of that money for us and we are grateful.


Jack & Joan D.


Minh P. - Dallas, Texas

He told me that they could successfully negotiate the debt and get some of the money to me. I didn't believe him at first, I thought it was a scam.

After checking them out and finding out that they were part of the Better Business Bureau and they gave me local attorney references, I decided that I had nothing to lose and money to gain.

They did what they said they would and I got a check quicker than I thought I would. These guys are the real deal.

Thank you U.S. Financial Funding!

Minh P.


Gail C. - Cary, North Carolina

usff As a person who had been through bankruptcy among other things, I could not believe it when I got a call from Jeff Richman.

Actually, he got a hold of one of my relatives, who then called my mom and I then got a call from Mr. Richman.

Let me say, that one who has been through a divorce, bankruptcy, hospitalization, 2 lay-offs, and other expenditures since 2007, I was not willing to trust that someone who actually had some "Surplus Money" for me.

Yeah, right. Okay, what is the scam?

I was too embarrassed to tell the person who did my taxes, that I had even been talking to Jeff & had signed papers before consulting her...SO, naturally, I freaked out about that.

When I did tell her, she said, "let me talk with him before you sign anything else!" So, I did let her talk to him by phone. Jeff was more than willing to let me check things out at my own pace. She called him, they talked and then....

Well, lo and behold!!! I have been the recipient of $6,000.00! I have heard that if you trust in God, he will not just sprinkle blessings on you, but he will bring you a flood.

This has been my experience! I thank Jeff for how he helped me. Believe me, some of the money will be spent on items I have wanted to do for my home and paying my mom back, but some will also GO IN THE BANK!!!

Thanks, Jeff!

Sincerely, Gail C


Mark M. - Concord, North Carolina

usff My name is Mark. Recently, I was contacted by U.S. Financial Funding pertaining to money owed to me over six years ago.

It was mentioned that money was being held from a state agency that that belonged to me. Of course, my first reaction was one of skepticism. I mean, if it was true, why wasn't I informed about it?

I'll be honest, even after talking with Jeff Richman of U.S. Financial Funding and their lawyer, I still wasn't sure.

I settled with USFF quickly and received a sizable check from their lawyer within two weeks.

I appreciate the work they did and of informing me.

Thank you U.S. Financial Funding.


Bob R. - Landis, North Carolina

usff I wasn't sure if I would be able to get any of the funds because there were judgments against me for more than the amount of money that was owed to me. When I checked about getting any of the money, I was told I needed a lawyer. Yeah right, if I could afford a lawyer...

Then, out of the blue, around the first of April, Jeff called and said he could get me some of the money if I let him. You've got to be kidding - sure I will let you. USFF negotiated with all parties for me, they did all the work. I was kept informed the entire time. Jeff was very friendly, polite, and professional.

Within about a month, Jeff called and said he had a check for me. WOW, I was impressed and pleased.

Thank you Jeff and U.S. Financial Funding

Bob R.


Jim W. - Greensboro, NCusff

"Jeff is a go getter! He has communication skills that are awesome! He has the ability to take the ball and run with it. I have been amazed at his energy and and his visions. He thinks big and you can benefit by working with him. He is fair and will work for a win/win result."

Jim W.



Lori M. - Charlotte, NC

"Jeff is one of the most creative thinkers I have ever met. He has fine tuned skills and extensive experience in real estate.

Opportunities are discerned by Jeff and profitable deals are structured that would be elusive to many. In addition, Jeff's communication skills, as well as his integrity and dedication to the industry are evidenced by his energy and enthusiasm.

Ongoing education, relationship and team building, leadership, and a vision for growth are the corner-posts of Jeff's success. You know the old saying "Stick with the winners" Don't let this one pass you by."


Christi B. - Summerville, SCusff

"Jeff is wonderful to work with. He is passionate about what he does, and he is loyal in business. Jeff is easily available and returns phone calls sooner than you'd expect for someone as busy as he is. You can count on Jeff in your business dealings."


Shelly W. - Charlotte, North Carolina

usff"U.S. Financial Funding contacted me and told me that I had money available to me. I was surprised. The letter came right before Christmas.

My son and sister encouraged me to call him, but I avoided calling him because I was nervous and didn't believe any money could possibly be there.

David called me in January and told me he was sure that there was money due me. He did not want any money from me.

I was very happy to receive a check today!"


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