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Settlement Funding

usff"Why Wait When Life Doesn't?"

Why should you wait up to 12 to 24 months to receive your money from a governmental agency holding your funds because:

▪ They may not have it to pay out due to budgetary constraints
▪ A creditor has stepped in to collect the money because they are due the funds
▪ You can get a lump sum settlement payment now!

We are a Settlement Funding Company that specializes in Asset Recovery

What Can A Lump Sum Do For You?
U.S. Financial Funding can purchase your rights and interest up-front, thereby giving you a cash settlement that is known as Settlement Funding. This allows you to receive a large lump sum payment now.

A lump sum payment could be useful for many things such as:

  • ▪ Credit card bills
  • ▪ Beginning a business
  • ▪ Medical Expenses
  • ▪ Educational expenses
  • ▪ Long-term investments
  • ▪ Mortgage payments
  • ▪ Remodeling your home
  • ▪ Investing in a business
  • ▪ Buy a vacation home
  • ▪ Elderly care of parents
  • ▪ Vacations
  • ▪ New Furniture/Electronics
  • ▪ Retirement savings
  • ▪ Travel
  • ▪ Settlement of an estate
  • ▪ Divorce settlement
  • ▪ Car payments
  • ▪ Health insurance

usff We can help you by satisfying your immediate financial needs with a lump sum payment.

Please call U.S. Financial Funding today at 1-800-219-3898 to speak with one of our Funding Settlement Specialists at your convenience or email us with your questions.

Call or contact our Settlement Specialists at your convenience.

Future payments aren't worth as much as you think. Inflation is eating away at the value of your money. The further in the future you are to receive a sum of money, the less it is worth today because of, at least in part, inflation. Thus, no matter what the source, structured settlement payments, lottery prize payments, an annuity, or payments from unclaimed funds, inflation will make the value of those funds shrink in coming months and years.

The following illustrates the effects of inflation:

  • Average Yearly Price
  • College Tuition
  • New House
  • New Car
  • Average Income
  • 1980
  • $3,101
  • $64,708
  • $7,609
  • $15,757
  • 1990
  • $6,562
  • $122,275
  • $14,489
  • $29,943
  • 2000
  • $10,818
  • $166,541
  • $18,684
  • $41,990
  • 2010
  • $16,245
  • $243,800
  • $28,400
  • $49,777

This chart does not represent a predicted or guaranteed future rate of return and is for illustration purposes only.

Time Value of Money says that money today is worth more than money tomorrow.
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