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usffU.S. Financial Funding is a nationwide company that helps individuals discover and recover lost, unclaimed or abandoned funds that may belong to them, which they do not know about and which does not appear on one of the numerous databases that can be found on the Internet.

With over $33 Billion in unclaimed funds (that is being held by local and federal governmental agencies) and tens of millions of dollars added each year, where billions of additional dollars are not included in the above dollar figure and do not show up on public record Internet searches.

U.S. Financial Funding audits governmental agency records nationwide through the use of forensic accounting using proprietary systems, which allows us to identify, track and acquire money that may belong to you.

After a certain period of time, if the money has not been claimed by the individual(s) to whom it belongs, then the agency holding these funds must turn it over to the state where these funds are being held - this is called Escheatment Process.

As the economic crisis continues to crush the United State's economy, these states are looking at ways to lessen their deficit and offset their budget. That means that states will take and utilize funds out of the unclaimed funds accounts, which are being held by numerous different governmental agencies.

usffAt U.S. Financial Funding, we have developed a proprietary system that uses specialized forensic technology that accurately identifies excess proceeds and unclaimed funds from individuals that have yet to be identified and claimed. We, in turn, access the latest research avenues to refer these funds to the rightful owner.

Our research professionals use access to numerous public records and specialized pay sites to locate individuals and/or heirs to let them know that we may have located lost, abandoned, or unclaimed funds, which may belong to them.

These records include, but are not limited to: change of address filings, voter registrations, telephone directories, city and town indexes, drivers' records, military registers, marriage and divorce filings, birth and death certificates, property ownership documents, and court records.

USFF uses the most sophisticated databases at our disposal, combined with a unique network of professional resources and contacts.

USFinancialFunding   USFinancialFunding
Our company does not do any business in the state of New Jersey.